About Wilder Institute

The Wilder Institute is a global authority on wildlife conservation, reintroducing threatened species to the wild and empowering communities to conserve their own natural resources to positively impact both nature and communities.

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A Wilder Purpose

We created the Wilder Institute to lead a global movement of action-takers inspired to restore balance between wildlife and human life, to secure a future for all living things.

Our Roots

The Wilder Institute operates Canada’s largest conservation breeding and research facility dedicated to the return of endangered species to the wild. The Wilder Institute engages in collaborative partnerships around the world to develop the innovation and application of science-based solutions to achieve long-term benefits for wildlife conservation. Through our 15 global and national conservation programs, we work together with our government, academic, industry and non-profit partners to develop and implement conservation strategies that will benefit species-at-risk.

Restoring balance

While restoring balance to the planet is our focus, our roots are planted deep in the rich soil of the Alberta conservation community. We draw nourishment and cutting-edge science from the decades of innovative reintroduction work of the Calgary Zoo, a passionate community of conservationists and volunteers over 1,000 strong. Together, the Wilder Institute and Calgary Zoo’s mission is to “take and inspire action to sustain wildlife and wild places”.


Our leadership role

The Wilder Institute is home to a team of biologists and conservationists who have earned recognition as leaders in the science of conservation translocations – the recovery and reintroduction of wildlife. The Wilder Institute is home to the Global Secretariat of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission’s (SSC) Conservation Translocation Specialist Group and our team participates on species recovery teams across Canada.

Our research expertise

Our scientists regularly publish peer-reviewed papers on conservation insights and innovative conservation approaches in some of the world’s most respected scientific journals. While most article titles by necessity are in the language of science, many titles such as “Compassion in Conservation Means Caring for Individuals, Populations and Species” and “Advancing Amphibian Conservation Through Citizen Science in Urban Municipalities” reveal the ways in which Wilder is advocating for inclusive conservation.  Science alone can’t restore balance. We need to work together with people.


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Our Approach

Using innovative science, our teams are working to save threatened and endangered species and return them to the wild, where our planet needs them to be. Our conservation expertise is in conservation breeding and community conservation, where we collaborate with community members to positively impact both nature and local communities.