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Wilder in the News

Conservation translocation: helping endangered plants recover Friday April 19, 2024
Canadian Geographic: When the only habitat left is in isolated patches, plants might need a little help spreading their seeds -  but concerns about ecological integrity are holding us back. Delve into the extensive collaborative efforts between the Wilder Institute and key partners across Ontario aimed at the reintroduction of threatened plant species. This multifaceted initiative not only aims at the revival of endangered flora but also underscores the practical application of conservation research.
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Securing a Future: Celebrating the launch of the Ragati Forest Mountain Bongo Security Site Friday March 15, 2024
Our President & CEO, Dr. Clément Lanthier, travelled to Kenya to celebrate a decade of collaboration through the Kenya Mountain Bongo Partnership! This partnership is finding win-win solutions for wildlife and people while supporting the recovery of the Critically Endangered mountain bongo. Here’s to the power of collaboration in championing the conservation of this iconic species!
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Forest, Kenya
Conservation value of field research stations grossly misunderstood and underfunded according to 173 conservation scientists in new study Monday March 4, 2024
EurkaAlert!: A new study, published in Conservation Letters, assessed the conservation ROI of field stations and explored the impact of COVID-19. The findings revealed that dwindling funding threatens the ability of field research stations to continue to carry out vital conservation efforts. “Conservation funding is limited, but solutions are within reach!”, said Dr. Gráinne McCabe, our Chief Conservation Officer, who is among the 170+ authors contributing to this study.
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Charting the Future: Insights from the 2024 Biodiversity Conservation Horizon Scan Wednesday February 21, 2024
The annual Biodiversity Conservation Horizon Scan is a forward-looking initiative which regularly identifies the most critical conservation issues to watch out for on the future of our planet. Published this past December in Trends in Ecology & Evolution, the 2024 scan, led by Professor Bill Sutherland at Cambridge University, highlights 15 pressing emerging issues resulting from intertwined climate and biodiversity impacts and advancing technologies with incredible potential for conservation. One of our very own, Nafeesa Esmail, Conservation Research and Strategy Advisor, played a pivotal role as a co-author in this proactive research. Her insights shed light on forward-looking conservation strategies for a brighter future.
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Hotter, faster fires: can Canada preserve its threatened wildlife? Thursday June 29, 2023
The Guardian: The half-moon hairstreak butterfly is among the endangered species fighting the heat and smoke of a record wildfire season. In late August 2017, a bolt of lightning struck Kenow Mountain in eastern British Columbia. In less than two weeks, the smouldering that ensued had transformed into a large forest fire, tearing through the rugged landscape and quickly spreading into Waterton Lakes National Park.
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15 community-based conservation opportunities to help people and the planet Monday April 10, 2023
Mongabay News: A recently published horizon scan on community-based conservation identified 15 topics that offer opportunities to yield positive change for people and the planet, as well as provide insights on avoiding pitfalls in achieving 2030 global policy targets. Community-based conservation has for decades tried to tackle these interrelated challenges with mixed success and, at times, counter-productive results, but has arisen as a promising and popular approach on global agendas.
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