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Collaborating across 24 nations for people and biodiversity

Researchers at the Wilder Institute have coordinated an international collaboration to conduct a horizon scan of community-based conservation.

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Tracking Animals in the Wild

Releasing animals into the wild is never the end of the story! Most animals are equipped with specialized trackers so that we can keep an eye on them, so to...

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What a year of frog conservation looks like

Our northern leopard frog researcher reflects on what a year of frog conservation work looked like for her.

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Wilder Institute and Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. Partner to Support Alberta Species-At-Risk

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. has partnered with the Wilder Institute to help fund the conservation of species-at-risk in Alberta, such as the burrowing owl which is one of the species-at-risk...

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Journey to Kenya

Join us on a journey to Kenya to learn more about how the Wilder Institute is protecting mountain bongo and empowering local communities. 

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Giving species-at-risk a fighting chance at survival

It’s a worrying time for biodiversity, which means it’s even more important to celebrate the big and small wins in conservation. Scientists and animal care experts are proving to us...

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