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Wilder Institute and Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. Partner to Support Alberta Species-At-Risk

February 9, 2023

Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd. has partnered with the Wilder Institute to help fund the conservation of species-at-risk in Alberta, such as the burrowing owl which is one of the species-at-risk that have known habitats that overlap with Tamarack’s operating areas. This is a major step forward in helping to restore Alberta’s endangered species.

Tamarack’s partnership includes a $150,000 investment in the Wilder Institute’s existing conservation programs in Alberta which aim to boost wild populations of species-at-risk whose home ranges exist within the province.

“The contribution from Tamarack will help us expand our efforts to restore species to Alberta’s unique landscape,” said Brandi Chuchman, Associate Director of Conservation & Science at the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo. “Species such as the burrowing owl are in urgent need of conservation action and this investment will enable us to protect Alberta’s precious biodiversity.”

The Wilder Institute’s vital conservation work in Alberta includes conservation translocations, the intentional movement of animals from one location to another for a conservation benefit. Conservation translocations are one important tool used to restore these species, which are in danger of disappearing from Alberta. The partnership will also contribute to research for species-at-risk in Alberta, such as identifying solutions for slowing or stopping burrowing owl population declines in the wild.

“We believe ensuring the long-term viability of Alberta’s wildlife is of vital importance. We’re proud to partner with the Wilder Institute to further this important work and look forward to seeing the meaningful impact of the Wilder Institute programs,” said Brian Schmidt, President & CEO at Tamarack.

Partnerships such as this are key for innovative solutions to conservation problems. The two organizations look forward to securing a bright future for Alberta’s species-at-risk.

About Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.: Tamarack is an oil and gas exploration and production company committed to balancing operational and financial excellence with environmental and social responsibility. By operating at the intersection of profitability and corporate responsibility, Tamarack creates long-term value for its shareholders, through sustainable free funds flow generation, financial stability and the return of capital, while simultaneously ensuring we deliver on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments and goals. The Company has an extensive inventory of low-risk, oil development drilling locations focused primarily on Charlie Lake, Clearwater and EOR plays in Alberta. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at www.tamarackvalley.ca.


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