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Stories Tracking Animals in the Wild Wednesday March 8, 2023
Releasing animals into the wild is never the end of the story! Most animals are equipped with specialized trackers so that we can keep an eye on them, so to...
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Stories What a year of frog conservation looks like Wednesday February 22, 2023
Our northern leopard frog researcher reflects on what a year of frog conservation work looked like for her.
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Stories Journey to Kenya Thursday January 26, 2023
Join us on a journey to Kenya to learn more about how the Wilder Institute is protecting mountain bongo and empowering local communities. 
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Community Conservation Initiative Benefits People, Nature, and the Cross River Gorilla

The Wilder Institute has expanded their number of community conservation programs to five with the addition of the Cross River Gorilla Initiative in Nigeria.

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The endangered northern leopard frog just got a big leap towards recovery!

Over the last couple of months, a team of amphibian heroes have been helping the endangered northern leopard frog rediscover its home in western Canada. 

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New State-of-the-Art Archibald Biodiversity Centre is a Dream Come True for Species-at-Risk

Starting today, the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo’s newest conservation facility, the Archibald Biodiversity Centre (ABC), is home to iconic species-at-risk.

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20 Endangered Burrowing Owls Have Been Returned To The Wild

The Wilder Institute's efforts to bolster burrowing owl populations recently saw a huge milestone!

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Creating a Brighter Future for Endangered Species in 2022

From charming rodents to elusive insects, the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo’s conservation programs are building hope for biodiversity.

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Global Launch Party

For more than 30-years, the Calgary Zoo has led critical wildlife conservation work through the Calgary Zoo, its rural Wildlife Conservation Breeding Centre, as well as across Canada and around...

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